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All-in-one mobile application that allows everyone in your organization to easily communicate.
With its on-the-go technology, you can always stay connected using just your smartphone and a highly-secured online community that will surely help increase your organization’s productivity.

Log in

  • Log in to Ezytell on your smartphone and verify user authorization
  • System will verify identity using OTP (One Time Password), admin can manage users’ authorization through backend administrative tools.


  • Homepage Slider: images with link to speciac URL, message, or news
  • Who’s online: system automatically checks who’s currently online through SIP server
  • Menu icon: customizable quick menu icons to display Directory/ Free call/ SMS/ Chat/ News/ File Sharing/ Location/ Rating


  • VoIP and Video Call for calling to other members through SIP server directly from the application
  • Mobile for calling out to mobile phones
  • Landline for calling out to 02 numbers
  • Chat for one-on-one or group chat
  • SMS for sending SMS messages directly from the application or central system to specific group or user
  • Email for sending out email from device’s mail client to other members
  • User List / Group List / User Details
  • System displays the following user details: icon image, name, position, department

Free Call

  • Dial Pad for calling other members through VoIP system using SIP server from within the application
  • Conference call through call merging
  • Receive call from 2G network directly in the application
  • Video Call
  • Call log displays call history. Call or send SMS directly from call history.
  • View and call our directly from Contacts
  • Go back to directory with Directory tab


  • Message List displays message history with the following details: receiver, Sender, Date, and short description
  • Delete message from the list
  • Push notification on new message
  • Directly send message from message details page
  • New massage for composing new message


  • Friend List
  • Displaying user’s detail on User’s Profile
  • Group List displays all group chat with group’s detail with the following options:
    - Manage current members, invite new members, and delete members from the group.
    - Adding groups to favorites
    - Accessing group chat
  • Friends List displays all friends with user’s detail with the following options:
    - Edit friend’s name
    - Adding friends to favorite list
    - Accessing chat room
    - Free call using VoIP with call merging, voice mail, and calling across SIP sever
    - Video calling
  • Chat list displays chat history with options to keep or delete conversations
  • Sorting chat list according to time received, unread messages, and favorites
  • Composing message to other members using Chat List Writing
  • Chat Details displays conversation’s detail
    - Sending text, image, or video
    - Push notification when receiving new message
    - Using Free call or Video calling within private chat room
    - Manage conversations, notification, change user’s name, block user, invite user, and leave the conversation


News List for displaying news or information
  • Thumbnail image
  • Title
  • Short description
  • Displaying news details with sharing options to Facebook or Twitter

File Sharing

Folder List for displaying files and folders
  • Folder name
  • Date created
  • Displaying file’s detail within the folder and viewing PDF file on web view
  • Creating and name new folders to store files
  • Uploading files directly from smartphone to central server


Displaying location details using Map View
  • Setting default location
  • Navigation searching
  • Distance calculation
  • Location setting


Header comprises of the following options:
  • Back for returning to home page
  • Setting for viewing user’s detail and usage setting
  • Menu for accessing menu option
  • Form Detail for displaying form’s details and creating survey or vote