Introducing Ezytell, a smarter and easier communication tool for your organization. With its advanced cloud-based mobile application, you can stay connected on the go, wherever and whenever you want. Ezytell elevates the meaning of team work and collaboration by creating a highly-secured online community that will surely increase your organization’s productivity.


Quick and easy communication
tool for everyone

Did you know that 96% of text messages are read within 3 minutes? Ezytell is an effective mobile application that makes communication within your organization better. With Ezytell, you can easily exchange various information, document, file, photo, and video in real time with everyone in your organization, anywhere and anytime. Do all of these right on your smartphones.


Made for business

Ezytell simplifies all of your business communication by giving everyone a common channel where information can be organized, updated and easily accessible. Bring everybody on the same track with a specific channel for a specific project or topic and give them a transparent view of what’s going on.


Real-time communication and

Real-time communication and data-sharing can’t get any easier than this. Ezytell provides you with the tools necessary to communicate, all in one place. Get your message across to the entire team in a group chat, or simply send it as a direct message for a more private matter, the flexibility is yours. All messages and files are archived and can be easily accessed.


Instant notifications

Never miss an important message with instant notification on Ezytell. Customize how you want to be notified and manage the information that you are getting, so that you can personalize what really matters to you.


Highly-secured network made
especially for large organizations

All messages and files can be encrypted and store on a network client or a dedicated server. Added security measures such as password conditions or two-factor authentication, can be easily customized according to your security needs.


Easy administrative tools

Ezytell is both easy to use and maintain. Ezytell gives you extensive and instant access to a complete overview of usage information with an option to export chat history, at any time.


Integrated employee database
management system

The Employee Directory on Ezytell lets you have the most updated contact throughout your organization through an easy integration with human resources’ database. Changes such as names, departments or positions are constantly updated and reflected on your Phonebook whenever you log in to the app.


Voice over IP calling (VoIP)

Save cost for your organization using Voice over IP calling (VoIP) on Ezytell. Get access to free call within your organization with a simple Extension to Extension or Extension to Smartphone feature.


Voice and video conferencing

Make voice and video calls easily on Ezytell with a built-in state-of-the-art voice and video conferencing feature. With just a few simple clicks, you can be anywhere and have a one-on-one or team meeting at any time. All you need is a simple 3G or wifi capable smartphone with a front camera on an iOS or Android operating system.


Private instant messaging

Keep your conversation contained with private instant messaging feature on Ezytell. Create a highly-secured private or group chat and seamlessly connect with your peers even when you are in a meeting or on a field trip.


SMS notification

Short message notifications on App Icon for instant news and information distribution within the organization.